2017 Road Safety Plan For Victoria Intended To Save Lives

On the back of yet another unacceptably high annual road fatality toll, an increase in statistics for the third year in a row for Victoria, the Andrews government has declared 2017 to be the year of action by implementing the ‘Towards Zero Action Plan’.

The initiative intends to make the roads safer and reduce the number of fatalities that occur on the region’s roads. In 2016, 291 people lost their lives in road fatalities, up by 39 than on previous year. Motorcycle deaths was the single largest contributor to last year’s death toll, up by a staggering 90% when compared to 2015. Reasons for this dramatic increase include: speeding, illegal drug use, unlicensed driving and not using protective driving gear.

A turning point for Victoria’s roads

The ‘Towards Zero Action Plan’comes with a price tag of AUD$12 billion and will focus on Victoria’s high-risk accident prone areas. Strategies to be implementedinclude:

  • Installing preventative infrastructure such as flexible roadside barriers.
  • Campaigns to reduce drug driving (a major cause in the increase in 2016’s death rate statistics) will be rolled out.
  • Upgrading roads

Of course every Australian driver can play his and her part towards safer driving conditions by ensuring that they get behind the wheel of a sound and reliable car. In addition to preventative infrastructure strategies implemented by the government, drivers making smarter decisions is another important part that everyone can play.

In this vein, authorities are stressing that it is easy to push car maintenance to the bottom of a long to-do list and take for granted a car’s roadworthiness. Australian motorists are being urged to not let this happen.

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