4 Common Warning Signs That Your Anti-Lock Brakes Need Professional Help

Like all components of a vehicle, anti-lock brakes will need to be attended to by a professional and experienced mechanic. Modern cars are equipped to display warning signs alerting the driver of a dysfunctional braking system. These signs usually take the form of lit warning lights on the dashboard.

But there are also other physical or mechanical warning signs that indicate you may need to take your vehicle into a reputable auto service centre specialising in braking systems for a thorough check. Suspect something is amiss with your car’s anti-lock brakes? Look out for these 4 common warning signs.

  1. Your brake pedal refuses to engage

An unresponsive brake pedal is not only a serious sign that something is wrong but also extremely dangerous as it means you won’t be able to stop your vehicle safely. This is not a problem that occurs suddenly but develops over time.

  1. You need to depress the pedal harder and harder

In an optimal braking system, you will need just a little bit of effort to depress the brake pedal and notice an instant decrease in speed. However, should you notice that you are using more and more effort and the car takes a little longer to slow down, then it is best to get the anti-lock brakes checked.

  1. The ABS warning light on the dashboard lights up

This is an unquestionable sign that something is not functioning properly with the braking system. Often this is when a minor issue has progressed and developed into a major issue and time for immediate action is required.

  1. Locked-up brakes

In some instances faulty ABS systems can result in erratic abnormal behaviour such as the wheels locking up for no proper cause. Look out for irregular clicking sounds which may indicate your ABS needs replacing.

The best way to protect the longevity of your anti-lock brakes is to have minor problems seen to as soon as possible. Don’t leave it too late. Even if you’re not sure if something is wrong, the expert mechanics at ABS Auto in South Melbourne will put your mind to rest, and if theirs is something that needs attention, we will provide a thorough inspection and conduct any repairs or replace faulty parts.


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