Clutch Onto These Five Signs Before It’s Too Late!

In any manual vehicle, your clutch is as important as any other major car part. That’s why you need to pay attention to any noises your car makes, which may indicate that a clutch needs to be repaired or replaced.

Ignoring the signs of clutch problems can, and very often does, lead to more severe issues, including dreaded transmission problems.

So, here are the FIVE signs you should look (or hear) out for if you think you may have a clutch problem:

  1. Slipping

If you’re driving and you notice that your gear shifts loosely, or that it doesn’t fit nicely from second to third and so forth, then it is a sure sign something’s not right with your gearbox or clutch. Best to call an automotive expert.

  1. Smelling

If you suddenly start smelling something that similar to a burning smell, like burning rubber, it could indicate engine problems. It could be a sign that there is wear and tear on your clutch plate, usually caused by “riding the clutch”.

  1. Clutch Pedal

Any inconsistencies on the clutch pedal such as slight differences in the levelling or pressure can indicate that your clutch needs a replacement. If that “connection” feeling from when you lift the clutch pedal and engage the accelerator pedal is not as it once was, it most likely means you need to take your car to a mechanic.

  1. Uneasy shifting

When you change gears and notice a stiffness in the lever, it could indicate that there’s a problem with your clutch. The gears shouldn’t shift from one to the last with friction and uneasiness. If you experience this, it’s likely a clutch issue.

  1. Peculiar noises

Rule of thumb always dictates that odd noises mean something isn’t quite right – but this doesn’t mean your engine is about to fall out, or your wheels are on the verge of rolling off while you’re on the highway. However, certain noises that come when you change gears is an indication that your clutch needs repairing.

Remember that although you have these five signs above, any other inconsistencies you feel your car may have should be a sign that you need to service it sooner rather than later. It’s just as the old adage advises – prevention is far cheaper, better, and safer than the cure.

If you believe you have clutch problems with your car, feel free to bring it into your nearest ABS repair centre or call us on 13 2270 to book an appointment today.


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