Does Your Car Need New Tyres?

Your tyres are easy to forget about until they give you trouble. For the most part, they do their job to keep you safely on the road, so we often only notice them when they need replacing, or have picked up a puncture. Ideally, you shouldn’t wait for this to happen, so here’s how you can tell that your car needs new tyres and when to replace them.

How long have you been using them?

While there is no set lifespan for a tyre, most can be said to last for a minimum of five years - provided you made sure to get annual inspections. The maximum amount of time to use the same set of tyres usually 10 years, regardless of the condition that they are in. Also, just because your tyres look good and don’t cause problems, doesn’t mean they’re safe to use. You really don’t want to risk running on tyres that could give out at any moment, with no warning, damaging your car and even causing injury or worse.

Provided you follow manufacturer instructions and maintain your tyres as indicated, you should have a reasonable idea of when a replacement will become necessary, and there are some checks you can make yourself.

Checking your tyres

Every day your tyres are subjected to dozens of forces beyond your control, such as potholes and sharp objects left on the road, as well as general wear and tear. Extreme temperatures and bad weather can also cause a disruption to your tyre pressure, tread or alignment, causing problems with handling and vibration.

If you find that your tyre has a worn tread beyond the recommended levels, has a hole larger than 6mm, or has sustained damage to its valve or sidewall, it will likely require immediate replacement, regardless of when you got them fitted.

When this occurs, you should seek out an ABS Auto store near you immediately. Only a professional will be able to accurately diagnose an issue and recommend a replacement. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry, which is why we also recommend doing this if you’re about to go on a long road trip, or have recently taken your car out of storage. This is because very often there is damage that is invisible to all but the most trained eye, and it’s not worth taking a chance on driving in these conditions.

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