Get The Best Out Of Your Anti-Lock Brakes With These 4 Do’s And Don’ts

Having advanced safety systems on modern day cars often leads Australian drivers into a false sense of security. We’re told all about what the latest technology can do for our safety, but seldom is the message driven home that the onus is still on the driver to practice safe driving habits.

Just having features like anti-lock brakes on your car is not enough. You need to know how these safety features work in order to use them effectively. Using them properly will also ensure that these safety features remain durable and enjoy a long service life.

The primary function of anti-lock brakes is to keep the wheels of a vehicle firmly on the road’s surface during emergency braking situations, thus giving the driver better control. Traction is important to avoid a vehicle skidding across the road. Implement these 4 do’s and don’ts when using anti-lock brake systems for improved safety and protection.


  1. Maintain steady pressure on the brake pedal. Try not to pump the brakes even if you find the pedal pulsating. Pumping disengages the braking system.
  2. Give yourself adequate time and distance to stop. Depending on the road conditions – at least three seconds in good, add on more time when more precaution is needed.
  3. Understand your ABS system better – be aware of pulsations - and how to react well to situations with more practice in a safe environment such as vacant parking lots or your backyard if you have the space available.
  4. Read the owner’s manual. This is the best resource to learn about the ABS system in your car.


  1. Don’t drive aggressively. Having an anti-lock brake system installed in your car is not licence to drive without caution. You still need to practice good driving behaviour.
  2. Don’t pump the pedal. Anti-lock braking systems do this for you automatically.
  3. Don’t forget to keep a firm hand on the steering wheel. ABS aids in maintaining control of what the wheels do but as the driver you are still in total control of the vehicle. You will need to steer clear of hazardous obstructions.
  4. Don’t get distracted by pulsating sensations in the pedal, it is to be expected as this is normal in the system’s functioning.

An anti-lock braking system will work well and keep working well if you look after it. Good maintenance begins with professional brake servicing. ABS Auto is a reputable auto service centre in South Melbourne specialising in brake maintenance and repairs.

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