How To Identify When Your Shock Absorbers Need To Be Repaired

Cars have certainly come a long way since they were invented back in the late 1800s, and one of the biggest differences is in the driving comfort it offers. Older cars would bump and bounce along even the smoothest of roads, but luckily modern cars no longer do this, thanks to their shock absorbers. Here’s what to know about this essential part of your car so you can tell when it needs to be repaired.

Shock absorbers control your car’s suspension and springs, working to make sure that your tyres remain on the road, with as little impact as possible. In keeping your tyres on the road, your shock absorbers also help to make braking smoother, and your ride quieter.

What to look out for

Your first indication that there’s a problem with your shocks will probably be your ride getting noisier and bumpier. In certain cases, you might see an oil or grease leak, or feel as if your car is about to veer off the road at any given moment. The moment you see any of these issues, we recommend getting your car to a reputable auto repair centre. Worn shock absorbers play an important part in your driving experience, and can impact everything from your tyres to your ability to steer and brake. A failure to replace them can cause your tyres to wear out that much sooner, and you’ll require longer braking distances before you come to a complete stop. You’ll also feel like you cannot take corners as easily as you used to, which means an overall decline in your car’s safety. In short, all of these problems have the potential to cause a major accident on the road, and this is a risk not worth taking.

Bring it in

The sooner you get this problem taken care of, the better, as it will prevent further damage occurring to your car. A simple, but not foolproof way to diagnose a shock problem is to bounce your car. If it struggles to stop bouncing or doesn’t move up or down easily, we would recommend you visit an ABS Auto repair centre near you so that they can identify potential issues with your shock absorbers and replace them.

For a budget-friendly solution that will allow you to drive away safely and with confidence your car is no longer at risk, contact ABS Auto today.