How You Can Ensure Your Brakes Last Longer

According to research by car insurer AAMI, the most commoncause of accidentson Victorian roads is tailgating and failing to brake on time. It could be that your brakes failed to engage or are engaging a slightly too late. You need to make your brakes last as long as possible, as even the slightest performance change could be all that stands between you and a serious accident. Here’s what you can do to make sure your brakes last longer:

  • Brake gradually

Avoid slamming your brakes dramatically or at the last minute. Rather, reduce your speed (and gears) gradually and from a distance until you eventually come to a halt, with only gentle braking necessary.

  • Be aware

This goes without saying, but don’t try to multitask while driving, even if traffic is at a standstill. Anything that diverts your eyes away from the road increases your risk of having to slam on your brakes suddenly. Invest in a hands-free Bluetooth system so you can listen to music and make/take calls without having to pick up your phone while driving – which is illegal in every state and territory in Australia.

  • Bring less

If you’re in the habit of leaving things in your car that you don’t use every day, now is the time to take all the unnecessary items out. It adds needless weight to your vehicle, increasing the strain on your brake pads and reducing its lifespan. Take a look at what’s in your boot. You’d be surprised at how much stuff ends up accumulating in there!

  • Be patient

It’s human nature to tailgate other cars in a traffic jam, even if you’re kilometres from your destination and there’s plenty of space between each car. Not only will this annoy drivers around you, but it also won’t get to where you need to be going any faster. Instead of racing to close the gap between your car and the one in front of you, rather engage a lower gear and keep your speed slow, so that only a light touch of your brake is needed.

Follow this and your brake pads will last you much longer than anticipated – saving you time and money and preventing accidents.

For more information about brake safety or for brake replacement, contact your nearest service centre today.