Trailer & Caravan

Trailers and caravans can take many forms and shapes. Single axle 6x4, horse float, boat trailer, tandem car trailer or a family caravan. If the trailer exceeds 750 kilos then it needs brakes (subject to state laws). Trailer braking systems are relatively simple. 

They consist of a method of actuation and the brakes themselves. These can be vacuum, hydraulic, mechanical or electric. The type of brake used is usually dependent on the application.

Have you ever wondered why you often see a trailer on the side of the road missing a wheel? The other main area requiring maintenance on a trailer is the wheel bearings. Poorly serviced wheel bearings can result in a major disruption to your intended use of the trailer. Please browse this parts section to find what you are looking for.

Our stores have a wide range of parts in stock and also most receive deliveries twice a day. They also have computerised link up to our distribution centres around Australia so we can get it for you quickly.

To make it easy for you we have implemented an online parts request form, which will be forwarded immediately to your selected store by email or you can call your nearest store directly. A confirmation of us receiving this form will be sent immediately to your email address.

The selected ABS store's customer service representative will call you ASAP to consult on the requested parts and confirm pricing, availability and also answer any questions in regards to your enquiry.

Some stores can also organise delivery to your door and all stores take major credit cards for payment.

We look forward to getting the quality parts you need quickly at the right price.