Punctured Your Tyre? Do These Three Quick Checks Before You Do Anything Else!

Tyres are the unsung heroes of our cars and we often neglect them until they stop working or start giving us problems.

Because they’re strong, hardy and can take plenty of abuse before giving in, it’s easy to miss when something is wrong with your tyres.

Thankfully, most tyres can actually tell you everything you need to know about the severity of the problem with just a quick glance – and the following easy checks:


You’ve driven over a rocky patch of road and heard an ominous noise. When you stop to check it out the first thing you need to do is look for the location of the puncture or tear.If it’s located in the tread pattern you can book an appointment to get it repaired. However if the damage is to the sidewall or edge of your tyreyou’ll probably have to replace the whole thing as it’s essential to your tyre’sperformance and structure.


Good news! You’ve detected a small hole in your tread pattern which means that you won’t have to replace the tyre.But before you get too excited, how big is the hole? Anything wider than half a centimetre means a replacement will still be necessary.


Great! So your puncture is a small one and it can get patched, right? Well, that depends on what kind of tyre it is. If your car has a run-flat tyre you will sadly have to bid it farewell as patching is not advised. Take a look at the vehicle manual for how long and at what speed you can drive with a punctured run-flat tyre. Don’t exceed this as it could permanently damage your tyresteelbelt.

The next time you have a puncture remember to perform these three checks before you do anything else.

It will only take a second and could save you time and hassle in the long run. Then you can call your nearest ABS Auto and make an appointment so a professional can look at the problem.


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