The Dangers Of Driving With Worn Brakes

Recently, we reported on Australia’s growing road accident toll, which demonstrated a 17% increase in road deaths this year. The state government’s road safety strategy for 2020 is Towards Zero. Safe roads and safe speeds are obviously in the spotlight, but safe vehicles represent another cornerstone of the campaign.

One of the most important things that drivers can do is to be aware of the dangers of driving with worn brakes. Far too many court cases hear that worn brakes are to blame for fatal car accidents. Although it may not rank in the Fatal 5 (speeding, drunk or drug driving, not wearing a seatbelt and fatigue), driving with worn brakes decreases your defence against those dangers.

Car Accidents

Your driving skills may be top-notch, but what happens when someone else’s driving is to blame? In that case, your cat-like reactions are impeded when you are driving with worn brakes. Even though you may be 100% alert on the road, worn brake increase the time it takes you to stop in an emergency. It gets even worse when those worn brake linings meet wet roads.

Hitting Pedestrians

Again, you are probably driving responsibly, but when a pedestrian jaywalks or rushes into your path without warning, sharp brakes are your only hope. If a pedestrian is injured or killed, authorities are responsible for checking if your car is safe. Worn brakes will be cited as a factor in causing the injury or fatality.

Increased Repair Costs

Apart from putting your safety at risk, driving with worn brakes can also hit your pocket. Your rotors may warp when your brake lining wears out and that costs more than just replacing your pads.

Warning signs that your brakes need checking

Sometimes you can hear the problem – when your brakes make a squealing sound as you stop or a grinding noise when you apply pressure to the pedal. There are other signs that might not be as obvious, such as your car pulling over to one side of the road or even a faint vibration on the pedal.


Prevent the dangers and costs of driving with worn brake linings by getting regular checks or a professional assessment if you notice any warning signs. Find your nearest ABS Service Centre today!


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