Tips For Preparing Your Car For A Sale

To sell your car, you will need to ensure that it will pass the roadworthy test before you can renew the registration licence on the vehicle. Now, you may not know what is wrong with your car because you’re not a mechanic, but there are certain things you should check before going ahead and selling your car.

These checks will help make selling your car a breeze:

  • Fluids

Ensure that your fluids are all checked and at their correct levels. The fluids are not merely oil and water – you should also check brake fluid, engine fluid, coolant levels, power-steering fluid, etc.

  • Tyres

Your tyres should not have any faults. There should be nothing sticking out of them or any bulges. Ensure they are set at the right pressure and at the right tread. If you need to replace a tyre for the sake of a sale, it may be worth it.

  • Lights

Are all your lights in working order? Ensure that the back lights, reverse light, indicators and brake lights are in full working order. A fail here is a fail on the test, which won’t get you the sale you need.

  • Interior

Take a look inside your vehicle. Does it look neat and tidy? Are there any cuts or tears in the interior? Is there any way you could repair this before you put your car on the market?

  • Test-drive

Take your car on the highway for a test drive. Listen for any noises or any sounds that seem faulty. When you touch the brakes, does it squeak? If so, you may need to change your braking system.

These are the basic checks you should do before putting your car on the market, which is why it’s worth taking your car to your closest auto service centre to ensure everything is up to scratch.

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