What Your Car's Temperature Reading Means

There’s nothing quite like Australian summers and our hot and bright festive seasons. You’ve probably already planned your getaways with friends and family to the beach, bush or beyond. Wherever you’re going in the summer heat, you shouldn’t forget that your car is impacted by the weather just as much as you are. Here’s how to tell what your car’s temperature reading means, so it keeps ticking smoothly throughout the summer.

Your car’s temperature gauge keeps track of how hot your engine is. If your gauge is running high and your car is in good condition, it means that your engine is probably overheating. When this happens, you’ll need to stop immediately, and switch off all non-essential services. Once you’ve done this, wait until your bonnet is cool to the touch and prop it open. These steps should be enough to temporarily cool it down, but it’s recommended that you visit your nearest service centre to confirm no major damage has occurred.

What’s the cause?

If you’ve been maintaining your car and the weather has been extremely hot, or you’ve been driving for a long time, it could just be your engine reacting to the weather. However, it could also mean that there is a leak and your car is losing coolant, or it might have picked up a water pump gasket problem. These issues are best left to professionals to take care of, but they should be able to get you back on the road in no time.

How can I prevent overheating?

  • If you’re planning on making frequent use of your car in hot months, it’s a good idea to take it in for a check-up so you can identify any problems that could be lurking underneath the hood. At ABS Auto, we encourage a summertime check-up if you’re planning on taking a road trip or long drive.
  • Try to avoid driving in the hottest times of the day by driving in the early hours of the morning or later at night, which will also allow you to escape traffic.
  • Remember to take frequent breaks on long trips –the driver, just as much as the car, also needs a break every now and then to stay safely on the road.

Finally, make a note of where your nearest ABS Auto service centre is, so if you do run into a problem you know who to call.


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