Which is more important – your car’s engine or your suspension? You’ll never guess the answer…

If you had to pick out which system or component of your car is the most important, would it be the suspension or the engine? Many people will immediately say that the most important part of a car is its engine. After all, when you need to troubleshoot any automotive problems you often start by examining the engine first. Here is why your suspension and brakes system are just as crucial to your car and why you should pay them just as much attention as you do your engine.

While it’s true that driving a car with a powerful engine can take your car’s performance to the next level, you need much more than power to enjoy your drive. You need to be able to handle corners effortlessly and be able to use that engine power when operating and controlling your car. This is why your car’s suspension is so important, as it translates the power generated by an engine (through your transmission) onto the road beneath you so you can retain control over the pedal.

If your suspension is too hard you will have a bumpy ride and poor handling on corners, while if it’s not firm enough it can make you feel as if you have no control over your movements at all and are slipping when steering. The perfect balance between the two is what allows your car to behave predictably to driver commands under most circumstances.

Your car’s suspension is more important than you think and when working with your brakes it plays a very important role in your driving comfort and safety. This is why you should remember not to neglect your brakes servicing and repairs and pay just as much attention to your suspension and steering as you do your engine.


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