Why You Need To Fix Small Problems Before They Become Big Ones

By nature, most of us procrastinate and somehow hope that a noise in our car will disappear if we just ignore it for long enough. However, logic tells us time and time again to have it checked out.

Our professional mechanics at ABS Automotive Service Centres were asked recently what their thoughts were on service maintenance. Unanimously, these experienced, seasoned professionals advised that the cheapest way to prolong a vehicle is to have it serviced regularly.

Here are some of their key point on why they strongly urge you to service your car regularly:

  • It extends the lifespan

This makes sense since the lifespan of a vehicle depends on the attention it received during the years of its driving. If it wasn’t regularly fed oilor had its oil filter changed, then it is more than likely it will break down.

  • It enhances performance

By checking on smaller issues, before you need to have it serviced for major repairs, you are far more likely to enjoy a smoother ride for longer. You'll find that your engine runs at full capacity and your tyres will be at the correct pressure, which means your road trips will be more comfortable.

  • It prevents inevitable, costly breakdowns

This is a no-brainer, right? By regular service intervals, you will have the opportunity in advance to prepare for any misfortune down the track. Maintenance prevents those costly repairs, which can easily cost well into the thousands of dollars.

  • It keeps you safe

Obviously, if your tyres are in order and if your suspension has been checked, then your confidence on the road will be better since your steering, braking and other major parts will be in good condition. That's peace of mind, right there!

  • It improves your resale value

If you wanted to sell your car in the future, the first thing the new owner would want from you is a service record. If all your services are in order, it adds value to your resell. If you have no service record, how can the buyer be sure all is in order? That's why it makes sense (and dollars) to keep your service up to date with regular servicing of your vehicle.

We are passionate about safety, and so is the Australian Government. According to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, a vast number of motor vehicle accidents on the roads are due to poor car maintenance.

That's why we suggest you come into any of our ABS Auto Service Centres across Australia and ensure the safety of you and your car. For more information contact us today.


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