Why You Should Be Careful About Ignoring Your Regular Car Servicing

It may be inconvenient and part of our “leave-it-for-tomorrow” culture of procrastination, but drivers who don’t service their cars regularly will face the consequences of financial drainage.

This may sound dramatic, but experience speaks for itself, as the professionals over at ABS Auto have countlessly expressed and shared with its customers. In short, your car should be serviced regularly and, between services, you should check the basics such as tyre pressure, oil and water.

So, when is the best time to service?

All cars come with a different order with which to comply. These orders ought to be followed precisely. If you reach the 12-month mark, but your odometer shows that you are still several thousand kilometres away from the “service time”, you are still required to bring in the car for service as per the agreement of your warranty.

You may not realise trouble is brewing because the signs of engine problems are usually silent. The oil you use is an important lubricant to keep the engine’s life healthy and safe from the by-products of combustion that spray past the engine and even taint the engine oil.

Therefore, it is essential that you check your engine oil regularly to ensure that it is clean of debris so that it can perform optimally to protect your engine.

What are the consequences of delaying service?

Over time, your tyres will lose their thread and will not function optimally when needed the most. Skidding on the road is a major cause of accidents since the tyre impressions have been shaved too much to grip hold on the road surface. Also, without sufficient oil, your engine will run the risk of damage and eventually burn-out.

The cost of parts that support the crankshaft may well go into the thousands of dollars to repair or replace.

What can you do about it now?

There is still time if you have neglected the servicing of your car. You should take your car in immediately for one of the following services:

  1. Minor Service: This includes all the services needed, something you should be doing on a regular basis.
  1. Major Service: This includes the Minor Service as well as other servicing items that ought to be checked annually.
  1. Specialist Service: This includes all major services as well as the repair or replacement of clutches, brakes and full mechanical repairs.

ABS Automotive Service Centres believe you must check your vehicle regularly, but if you have been neglecting it, they can help you right now no matter what state your vehicle is in. Call 13 2270 and make an appointment today.

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