Any company can claim to be cheap as demonstrated by roadside bill boards that offer brake repairs for $32.50 per wheel. How frustrating must it be to find that you could end up spending three to five times this cost.

At ABS, we pride ourselves in matching the right advice with the best solutions to save you money. Our experienced specialists don’t guess; instead they offer advice you can rely on, meaning you only pay for what you need and want

ABS prices are VERY competitive. With over 50 stores Nationwide, ABS have partnered with major suppliers to provide competitive prices for every range of parts. ABS also supply the trade including independent mechanics and car dealerships, so you can be sure our pricing is keen and competitive.

ABS know-how also means you pay no more than what is needed for service and repairs. This also means you save money now and in the long term.

Tip – If a company relines brakes on one wheel only, then they do not know the true safety and service requirement of vehicle maintenance. For safety sake and optimum performance, always have both wheels on any axle repaired and serviced at the same time.