These are your essential safety items to inspect so that you can have peace of mind when driving on our busy Australian roads.

While performance and reliability are important, your personal and family safety is essential. That’s why ABS Automotive Service Centres perform these vital monitoring and safety checks on every car we inspect, free of charge.

  • Tyres
  • Belts and hoses
  • Engine coolant
  • Lights and battery
  • Wipers
  • Engine oil

The assurance of knowing is priceless. By having an ABS Auto Services specialist check your vehicle for these essential safety elements, you can be sure that the tyre pressure and tread will not see you have a blow-out on the highway. Nor will the engine oil cause a ceasing of your vehicle since all these aspects of the basic running of your car are thoroughly and professionally inspected.

Many of our Service Centre locations are licensed roadworthy vehicle testers. So, when you need a roadworthy inspection, we can inspect your vehicle and provide a quote to rectify any faults at a competitive rate.

Please call your nearest location or use our online booking form to arrange an appointment that’s most suitable for you.

In some states of Australia, other terminology for similar inspections is used, including “Vehicle Inspections” or “e-Safety Check Reports”.


Vehicle Inspections

While our Safety Essentials checks key safety components, ABS Automotive Service Centres can also perform a full Vehicle Inspection.

A complete Vehicle Inspection takes around 45 minutes for most passenger cars and is great value for money; your vehicle is systematically checked from top to bottom and we provide you with a full, written report. 

ABS Automotive Service Centres technicians test drive, then carry out a comprehensive under-bonnet inspection and thorough check the brake and exhaust, steering and suspension systems, to provide you with a complete report on the condition of your vehicle.