ABS Auto offers service to your suspension and steering systems with particular attention from our well-trained, qualified mechanics and technicians. For reassurance that you’ll be driving away with top of the range products, we use well-known brands that are some of the largest auto parts manufacturers in the world, such as Monroe and Gabriel.

It is crucially important to pay attention to your vehicle’s suspension and steering systems. A vast majority of possible accidents can be avoided significantly if your braking time and control on the road are powered by correct and well-maintained suspension and braking systems. Without paying attention to these important tips, you could place yourself, as well as others, at risk.

Suspension Tips – Stop and notice:

  • Sagging Springs
  • Uneven Tyre Wear
  • Leaking Shocks
  • Noise
  • Worn Mounts and Rubbers

New Shocks can provide:

  • Shorter Stopping Distance – this difference between being safe and disaster
  • Better Ride for comfort and like new feel
  • Less Vibration for steering comfort
  • Less Body Roll for greater confidence and control
  • Improved Steering Response for better handling and safety
  • Prolonged tyre life that saves you money
  • Better support for safety under load

ABS Auto can diagnose and service or replace your shocks, steering and suspension components. From ball joints to tie rod ends and strut mountings, we can have your car back on the road and feeling brand new.

Imagine having the confidence to drive without that worrying, bothering feeling that in the event of rain or an emergency stop, you may not be able to fully control your car effectively and safely. But with the confidence that the professionals at ABS Auto Services provide you with, after a thorough check of every component of your vehicle, you can now be perfectly sure that the car you drive is as safe as possible.

It’s time take control of the small niggling issues that may have been worrying you. Take full advantage of the qualified technicians and mechanics, who will ascertain precisely what the problem is and then provide you with a perfect solution, giving you the peace of mind you need.

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