At ABS Automotive Service Centres, we’re passionate about vehicle safety. As specialists, we know the importance of regular, preventative maintenance, which is why we offer total service solutions.

The top 10 reasons why regular servicing can save you in the long run:

  1. Extends engine life and performance
  2. Helps reduce fuel consumption
  3. Avoids unnecessary wear through lubrication of moving parts
  4. Helps prevent costly breakdowns
  5. For safety, brakes need regular inspection
  6. Reduces the potential for damage and failure of major components
  7. Checks the roadworthiness of lights and other controls
  8. Regular check of tyre pressures and condition helps to reduce excessive wear and avoid premature failure
  9. Reduces the risk of accident through regular inspection of critical safety items
  10. Improves the resale value of your car with documented, regular service history

What we’ll check when servicing:

  1. Check brakes
  2. Check exhaust
  3. Check transmission
  4. Check steering and suspension
  5. Check (external) engine belts and hoses
  6. Check all lights
  7. Check tyres and pressures
  8. Check windscreen wipers and washers
  9. Battery test and printed report
  10. Safety inspection, road test and written report


Manufacturer’s logbook service

ABS auto service specialists have the expertise to maintain your vehicle from routine servicing right through to the manufacturer’s handbook service. We can even stamp your logbook* with work covered by our Australia-wide Warranty.

From Safety Inspections through to engine management, we have the equipment and expertise to service your vehicle.

* Conditions apply. Ask your ABS Automotive Service Centre for details or recommendations to maintain your statutory new car warranty.


ABS Automotive Service Centres Specialist Services (at selected stores)

Your car is made up of a series of complex systems, each requiring expert care and attention. That’s why ABS Automotive Service Centres offer customers a range of Specialist Services designed to maintain your vehicle in peak condition:

Cooling System Flush

Overheating in engines is often caused by a poorly-performing cooling system. This can lead to a lack of performance or worse, the potential failure of your engine and transmission resulting in expensive repair bills.

Our Cooling System Flush is designed to break down and remove rust and scale deposits safely from the cooling system. This speciality service then replaces up to 95% of the old coolant and refills the system with quality, long-life fluid.

Specialty conditioning treatment is added to help maintain the cooling system in an optimum condition.

Key items:

  • Check radiator for damage or leaks
  • Check hoses and thermostat operation
  • Drain and flush cooling system
  • Refill radiator with coolant and conditioner
  • Pressure test cooling system and test for leaks.
Engine Flush

Sludge and other deposits build up in your engine over time, affecting engine performance and fuel economy.Our Engine Flush is designed to remove sludge and other harmful deposits, helping your engine run freely and more efficiently.

Power Steering Flush

The steering system contains many complex hydraulic components. Dirty power steering fluid can affect the performance of your steering system; it can also cause costly damage if neglected.

Our Power Steering Flush is designed to remove contaminants and refill the system with new fluid, helping power steering to move freely and maintain feel and accuracy while driving.

Specialty conditioning treatment is added to help maintain steering fluid condition.

Fuel Injection Service

Fuel injectors are designed to provide the correct volume and pressure of fuel into the engine to maximise performance, economy and smooth running.Flat spots in acceleration, poor fuel economy or poor acceleration are all signs your fuel injection system may need servicing.

This specialist service removes carbon and other deposits from your fuel injection system. Specialty fuel treatment is added to help your vehicle run smoother, while optimising economy.

Transmission Flush

Like your engine, the automatic transmission is a vital and complex system that needs regular maintenance to perform smooth gear changes. Dirty transmission fluid or overheating engines can affect the performance of your transmission and cause costly damage if not rectified quickly.

Our Transmission Flush is designed to remove contaminants and refill the transmission with new fluid.Specialty conditioning treatment is added to help smooth gear changes and maximise the service life of the transmission.

Air Conditioning Service

To handle Australia’s climatic extremes effectively, your air conditioning system needs to be in tip-top shape, both summer and winter.Our Air Conditioner Service includes a check for leaks or contamination, a system pressure test, drive belt adjustment, evacuation and recharge.

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