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Top Towing Tips for your Four Wheel Drive

With the ever increasing towing capacity of Australian vehicles, it is important when setting up your vehicle with towing equipment that you get the right advice to ensure the products installed are best suited to your usage requirements, vehicle capability, driver experience, and have the flexibility to be updated in the future. Here are our top tips around towing.

Before you purchase your tow bar understand what the loaded weight of your caravan/camper van, this can be done on a weigh bridge or scales and should include all the gear you load inside.
If purchasing a vehicle with an existing tow bar always check the plate for maximum towing capacity, to ensure it matches the towing capacity of the car.
Consider a caravan towing course, for all adults in the group, having a spare driver not only means you can break up the driving but can also be helpful in the event of an emergency. If your state motoring body doesn’t run them, they can probably recommend someone.
Before you head off, if you have never towed or haven’t towed in a while practice reversing before you go in an area with plenty of room and no time constraints it will save you stress later on
If your caravan is wider than your towing vehicle, towing mirrors are a must, clip on, strap on mirrors or bonnet mounted mirrors are available but for the best reliability we recommend a replacement-mirrors like Clearview mirrors, they have two different surfaces to give different perspective, can be extended out for towing and folded in when you are parked
The tyre pressures and condition of the tread are just as important on your caravan or camper as your vehicle. Check the tyre pressures of your towing vehicle and caravan/camper when they are cold to get correct readings.
When you have your vehicle and caravan set up and reading to go, make sure you know how tall your van and vehicle (if you have gear on the roof) are. Running into a low bridge is a quick way to ruin your holiday.
Fatigue is one of the top three road fatalities in NSW. Stopping every two hour allows you to get out of the car, walk around, refresh yourself and check your vehicle. You can pre plan your stops during holiday periods at http://www.driverreviver.com.au
If you caravan does start to sway when towing resist, the urge to slam on your brakes. In order to help stop the sway remove your foot from the accelerator, once the vehicle has decreased between 10-15km slowly apply the vans electronic braking system.
If you aren’t booked into parks or sites and are planning on free camping make sure you understand where you can and can’t stop overnight, many local councils in popular tourist destinations have cracked down on overnight parking so it pays to do your research before hand
Before heading off or heading home, make sure you complete your whole “pre-flight” checklist including ensuring all gas bottles are closed, all windows, doors, awnings and latches are securely fastened, all lights are reconnected and working, and external power sources etc. are disconnected