Common Misconceptions About Car Mechanics

There are stories about someone experiencing a dodgy mechanic who has overcharged them or not completed a service properly. What you must know is that only a minor part of the car service industry is untrustworthy. As a whole, car mechanics are reliable, professional and deliver quality outcomes for your car repair.

Therefore, we're responding to five common misconceptions that you might have about mechanics:

  1. Independent Workshops vs Dealerships

This is a matter of labour and parts. This is where you need to decide what your budget will allow. Usually, smaller workshops might charge less for labour, but not have access to the best parts. Whereas dealerships – like ABS Auto – may have a slightly higher labour rate, but provide you with the top parts for your repair

  1. Cars today are maintenance-free

Though cars have become more reliable as technology develops and gets better, there's always a need for regular check-ups. You should service your car every six months, while also checking your oil and tyre pressure twice a month. Again, this depends on the make of your vehicle, as some modern cars come with computer-based installations which will alert you to critical levels and will inform you when you need anything serviced.

Finally, low-maintenance does not mean no maintenance. Your best tool is your owner's manual. Always refer to it.

  1. Mechanics suggest more work to make more money

Though you might find that some services might cost more than you initially thought, this is due to the fact that mechanics can often identify subsequent issues with your car despite the fact you might have only come in for general service or repair.

With the ABS Auto Consumer Warranty, you can also be sure that the product or service you received is covered for up to six months to ensure they are defect-free and that your car runs properly.

  1. The universal standard for oil change is set at 5000kms

This is a moot discussion since it all depends on the make and usage of your vehicle. Also, synthetic oils are used more frequently today, so the change of your oil filter would not equate to the standard 5000km range.

Modern sedans have a built-in system upon which you can rely. When in doubt, however, visit your nearest ABS branch and ask one of our friendly consultants to help you decide if you really need an oil change.

  1. Only mechanics should do work on cars

Doctors work on patients. Mechanics work on cars. True. But you wouldn’t go to a surgeon if you had a splinter or if you had a papercut. Band-Aids are available at any supermarket for such injuries.

In the same way, if you are relatively car-savvy, changing brake-pads or changing your oil might be something you can do yourself, however, we maintain that it’s best to get a professional service to ensure utmost safety.

If you need any information about your car service or if you would like to speak to a mechanic, contact ABS Auto today.

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