Is Premium Fuel Actually Worth The Extra Investment?

At any Australian petrol station, you’re bound to ask yourself which petrol type you should use for your car. You’ve probably seen the ads or heard other people talk about how premium fuel is the best for your car’s performance.

How true is this statement? Let’s investigate the claim to see if premium fuel is actually worth the extra money.

  • Performance

There is truth that the lower octane found in premium fuels is better for your car’s engine, since it uses less fuel at the point of acceleration and thereby limits the stress on the engine. This would enable your vehicle to be maintained for a longer period of time since less energy is being used at acceleration. However, the lower the octane, the slower your car can push off from a stop or when changing lanes.

  • Cost

The cost of premium petrol is roughly 10 to 13 cents more expensive than regular fuel. If you add it up, then you would see that this can be significantly more, especially if you fill up every week or fortnight. However, many manufacturers encourage new car owners to use premium fuel to ensure they get the most out of its performance. Plus, a recent test suggested that cars using premium petrol can get 4% extra mileage than regular petrol. Therefore, despite the extra costs, you should be able to fill up less frequently.

  • Advice

We always recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. They key thing is what you deem to be more important, cost or performance. If the difference in price will affect your financial situation, then go for regular. Alternatively, if you’re in a position to afford premium and have a car that the manufacturer suggests to use premium petrol, then that would be advised.

Now that you have the facts, you can make a better decision next time you stop to fill up your car. In the end, it really depends on what you’re looking for most – savings or performance, and how much these matter to you.

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