Quality New & Remanufactured Parts


ABS have direct access to the largest range of Brake components and parts in Australia. With direct access to over 38000 brake related parts alone, ABS are the biggest single specialist source of brake parts in the country.

Through our sister company ATAP (Australian Truck and Auto Parts) ABS provide you with the right part to suit any vehicle plus ensure all parts meet or exceed world or vehicle Manufactures standards.

Suppliers of BENDIX, TRW and PROTEX friction materials. (pads and shoes)

  • Exedy and PROTEX Clutch
  • PROTEX and Brembo Rotors
  • PROTEX Hydraulic Components
  • TEKONSHA Brake controllers and parts for towing
  • Truck and Trailer Parts and Equipment
  • Change over shoes
  • Exchange Boosters
  • Brake Hoses
  • Air Brake Equipment


BRAKE Remanufacturing:

ABS are Australia’s premier supplier of remanufactures components. This service is very important when price and product supply is of utmost importance. ABS cannot only supply you with the right part at a better price, ABS also guarantee their service Australia Wide. Now that’s assurance and peace of mind...

ABS remanufacture:

  • Brake Boosters
  • Master Cylinders
  • Wheel Cylinders
  • Caliper Overhauls
  • Slave Cylinders
  • Airbrake Controllers and Valves
  • Brake Hoses and Fittings
  • Truck Brake Shoe Relining
  • Hydraulic Lines
  • Special Bonded Shoes


Asbestos Free

The big news in 2003 is the total removal of asbestos in Brake Linings. (Pads and Shoes). Asbestos has in the past been the single best product for friction control however we all know the dangers that have developed with the abuse and use of Asbestos in building and commercial applications.

While less of a worry, Asbestos in Brake Linings has thankfully been officially banned from Manufacture and supply in Australia from the end of 2003.

The characteristics of non asbestos friction material is that they tend to dust up a little more than the older materials. However buying the right quality product such as TRW, PROTEX or BENDIX will help minimize this feature.

Our brake range is second to none and covers all braking components.

The range covers most vehicles on the roads today and we have around 20,000 part numbers on file.

Our passenger brake range includes:

The TRW Alternative:

TRW Brake Pads are manufactured by TRW Automotive and have always been the benchmark for the European aftermarket. Also a leading supplier of disc brake systems to vehicle manufacturers including Mercedes, Audi, Volvo, Suzuki, General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Toyota and Mitsubishi.

TRW offer two exceptional ranges TRW European formulation and TRW D-TEC Next Generation


There's a Protex disc brake pad for every car.

A leading brand in Australia for over 10 years, Protex offers the single largest range of brake components available in the country today.

Formulated to meet the specific quality, fit and performance requirements of modern passenger vehicles, Protex Disc Brake Pads are available for virtually every Australian, Japanese and European car built since 1990. 

Whatever type of car, whatever type of driving you do, there's a Protex Disc Brake Pad to suit your needs and budget.

Protex Disc Brake Pads offer the following ranges:

If you are unsure about what is right for your vehicle, ABS have the answer you need


Australia’s major premier manufacturer of Brake linings in Australia, Bendix have launched a new range of non asbestos pads that meet new quality standards. Bendix are world class suppliers to local car makers therefore you can trust their quality and know how.


ABS Service and replace clutches for cars, trucks, buses and commercial vehicle. With access to world brands like Daikin and local brands like Exedy and Protex, ABS have every vehicle covered with the right part and the know how that makes us Australia’s experts in CLUTCH replacement and service.

Our CLUTCH KIT range now sees it at over 4200 part numbers and covers most vehicles in the Australian market today.


The Steering and Suspension of a passenger vehicle is crucial to the cars efficient running. For smooth and comfortable driving ABS has the right products to achieve this.

Whatever the vehicle, from 4WD's to the everyday family vehicle we have the answer for all your suspension requirements.

ABS service suspension Systems. While we access known brands like MUNROE we also access world brands like GABRIEL (One of the largest Manufactures in the World)