The Importance Of Repairing Your Car’s Suspension Before It’s Too Late

Your car’s suspension is a collection of parts that hold the whole car together—ignoring its warning signals is akin to a builder disregarding the foundation phase. The suspension of your vehicle holds a car on the ground, keeps passengers from feeling the roughness of the road and its bumps, and allows the car to turn.

But there are a number of factors that can contribute to the deterioration of the suspension, which include the wheels, tyres, springs, shocks, linkages, joints and the steering system.

For your benefit, we've compiled a handy list of symptoms you should read to ensure your suspension is in good, safe order:

  • Sagging springs

The number one sign of a sagging spring is when you feel your vehicle tilting to one side. Another symptom could be a bouncing effect on a smooth, straight road.

  • Uneven tyre wear

At higher speeds, if you feel the tyre shaking or vibrating, it is more than likely an uneven tyre wear, which means you need to take your car in for a service immediately.

  • Leaking shocks

When you notice excessive bouncing, this is a sure sign of leaking shocks. Your car should always be steady. This unsteadiness is usually related to your shocks being in bad order.

  • Noises

Noises are often the best indication of a bumpy ride ahead, which means your suspension is probably at fault here. You will certainly know the noise when you hear it. It could be a crackling or clinking sound, especially when going over bumps or turning corners.

  • Worn mounts and rubbers

If you hear a thumping or rattling noise, it may indicate a worn mount or rubber. Another way to test it is to load the vehicle, and with your foot on the brake, try to sense if there is a great deal of engine movement.

Here’s what ABS can do for you with new shocks— and remember, we access well-known brands such as Monroe as well as international suspension and steering brands such as Gabriel.

New Shocks provide you with these six benefits:

  1. Safety—by offering you a shorter stopping pace
  2. Comfort—with a smoother ride
  3. Smooth steering—no more vibrations
  4. Confidence—no more rolling and shaking on the road
  5. Prolonged tyre life—saving you money
  6. Better steering—with improved steering control.

For more information contact ABS Auto today.

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