Warning! Parts Of Your Caravan May Need Urgent Servicing

The Australian Government has presented its 2017 findings on all statistics with regard to caravans. The Bureau of Statistics discovered that there was a huge increase in the purchase of caravans in the last year.

Since there has been an increase of over 4.5% according to the report, it suggests strongly that Australians are taking to the open roads more frequently and for longer distances than ever before. Although this is a great show for the economy, it poses possible negative side-effects, which ABS Auto has identified.

Based on this growing rise in caravan purchases, more regular servicing, especially for older models, has become a must. Have a look below to see what our professional mechanics suggest about the maintenance of your caravan.

  • Suspension

Older leaf springs need to be checked every 10,000kms because cracks in the suspension can start small and grow over time, which could lead to a major service and the cost of repaired could skyrocket compared to what it could have been.

  • Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings in caravans are not as obvious in squeaking or scratching sounds, like regular cars are. That’s why it is very important to check your wheel bearings every two to three years or every 10,000kms.

  • Brakes

Since the heat during caravan season can cause cracks in the lining of your brakes, you should have these checked and, after the service, drive around the block in tow so that you are certain the brakes are comfortable.

  • Tyres

If your tyres are older than five or six years, then it is a good idea to replace them. Though costly, not having them replaced could cause a blow-out on the road.

  • Undercarriage

This is a difficult one to diagnose since the cracks are not always visible. For this reason, we suggest you visit your nearest ABS Auto centre, which has branches all over Australia, and let the professionals have a look to see if your undercarriage is safe for your road trip.

For more information, or to speak to one of our professionals, please contact us so that you can have peace of mind when travelling.


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