What To Check In Your Car Now That Winter Is Over

Even though Australia has much milder winters than most, we still have freezing cold days that can affect our cars greatly. Seeing as we’re turning the corner and spring is well on the way, here are some checks you can make on your car to ensure it takes on the warmer seasons without any issues.


Winter’s cold days can drain your battery, and we often find that clients have difficulty starting their cars once the season has passed. So, make sure you take your car to a trusted vehicle repair centre to check if your battery is still going strong. The check is easy to perform, and will no doubt help save you time and money if it turns out that your battery has to be replaced.


Driving in winter tends to put extra strain on your car, which means that its fluids are more likely to go down during this time. When the cold season is over, be sure to take your car for a quick check-up to see if you’re running low on any fluids, and be sure to top up if that’s the case.

Tyre Pressure

Cold weather can affect the air pressure in your tyres. During colder days, the air in your tyres can begin to condense, which results in lowered tyre pressure. You should be aware that this change can take place anytime the ambient temperature dips, which is why you always have to keep an eye on your tyre pressure.

Give it a wash

If you live close to the coast, winter weather might cause salt build-up on the exterior of your car. If you’ve faced a couple of winter storms during the cold season, be sure to take your vehicle to a car wash that knows how to deal with salt build-up and any other harmful substances.

Also make sure to have the interior of your car cleaned, especially if you had to enter or exit during a storm or a particularly windy day. This will ensure you get the most out of your fabrics and finishes, no matter what the season is.

With winter behind us, be sure to bring your car into your nearest ABS Auto Service Centre for a thorough check.


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