Why A Fully-Working Clutch Is So Important To Safe Driving

Many Australian drivers still choose the traditional manual transmission. It allows the driver to retain full control of all their gear changes, which many say makes a drivermore in tune with how their car functions. One of the first things these drivers learn is how to balance their clutch, as this is an essential part of the car’s transmission system. However, once this skill is mastered, the clutch is often forgotten or neglected until something goes wrong with it. If you want to extend the lifespan of your car and prevent this from happening, you need to understand how the clutch functions and how you can improve its performance.

What is the clutch?

A car’s clutch transfers the power generated by an engine to the transmission system by synchronising the two when it’s being operated. When your foot moves off the clutch, pressure is generated, which enables a hydraulic mechanism to connect to the engine’s flywheel, which in turns enables the wheels to move. You will use it almost every time you drive to change gears and stop and start your car smoothly, and it’s a skill that must be mastered as a beginner driver.

Common clutch problems

While most clutch problems (and car problems in general) are caused by unavoidable wear and tear that occurs over time, there are certain bad habits drivers adopt that can hasten this process or worsen the damage.

A common mistake people commonly make is letting the clutch slip frequently, which is common when you’re impatient or new to driving. The problems it causes can go undetected for a long time, but usually reveal themselves through strange noises coming from the clutch region or your clutch sticking. A solution to the problem is to engage and disengage your clutch properly, but bear in mind that if you have let the clutch slip habitually, more likely than not, you’ll have to take your car in to have it repaired.

In addition, the moment you suspect something is amiss, you should seek out assistance in troubleshooting your transmission system from an expert.

If you need your clutch attended to, book a service with your nearest ABS Service Centre.