Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Scheduled Car Service

Much like our bodies, our cars need regular care too. Not maintaining your car with regular service will lead to more costs in the long run. Ultimately, it’s worth spending money on your car now so you can avoid spending more than you need to in a few months or years.

Modern cars might be able to extend the time between services a little more than older ones, but every scheduled service still vital. Here’s why:

It’s simply necessary

To keep your car safe on the road, things need to be refilled or replaced. Your car’s lubricants and fluids need to be checked and changed. Electronic and mechanical functions need to be adjusted. When you want to sell it, your logbook needs to show a clean bill of health. Obviously, if there are any warning or service lights flashing, don’t ignore them.

Prevent serious damage

Some problems don’t reveal themselves until it’s too late. There are many hidden wear and tear issues that can gradually (and silently) creep up. If your car is modern, on-board computers compensate for the wear and so we don’t realise it’s happening. You don’t want to get to the point where you’re in danger because of a serious issue with the mechanics of your vehicle.

Budget for regular services

A car service is an expense that shouldn’t surprise us when it arrives. If you budget for it, along with your other important payments, then it can fit within your expenses and you won’t have to fork out thousands when something goes majorly wrong. You could also potentially lose far more on the resale value of your car by missing a service than it would cost you to have done it.

Don’t let your busy lifestyle become your excuse for skipping a scheduled service. Stick to your regular maintenance plan to stay safe on the roads.


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