ABS Brakes Vs. Traditional Brakes—What’s The Difference?

Today’s motor vehicles are safer than older models. Technology has advanced greatly in the past few decades, with new ABS brakes becoming the safest braking system we’ve ever seen. So what’s the difference between ABS brakes and traditional brakes?

  • ABS Brakes

ABS stands for Anti-locking Brake System, which is an excellent and inspired invention for vehicles today. When you slam on the brakes inan emergency situation, for example, the brakes will not lock like traditional braking systems. This avoids a dangerous situation in which the manoeuvring of the car will become a mammoth task.

With a comprehensive system of sensors to understand precisely when brakes in a given situation will lead to locking onto the rotors, ABS brakes are capable of preventing motor car accidents.

  • Traditional Brakes

Traditional or older model vehicles do not have this sensitive, advanced braking system in place. When you brake suddenly, the brakes will lock onto the rotors, which will leave little room for you to steer the car. A great deal of accidents occur as a result of this braking system.

  • The Difference

Since ABS brakes are managed by a computer interface, sensors can quickly ascertain the degree of braking in any given situation. Pulses from the ABS will prevent the wheels locking up onto the rotors. This will help the driver to manage the vehicle with better control, thus helping to decrease the possibility of an accident.

Traditional brakes, though still an ingenious design, have a flaw in their system by which sudden braking has no discerning characteristics to help prevent the locking-up of the rotors.

It is the opinion of experts in car maintenance and service that ABS brakes are the way to go since they are safer and more efficient than traditional braking systems. But not to worry, if you are using a traditional braking system, you can still ensure that your brakes are in excellent condition if you visit an ABS Auto Service Centre.

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